CleanTechies Podcast

The Future of Clean Energy, Materials/Mfg, & the Circular Economy with Author, Peter Leyden

August 26, 2022 Silas Mähner - Renewables, ClimateTech, & ESG Headhunter Season 1 Episode 58
CleanTechies Podcast
The Future of Clean Energy, Materials/Mfg, & the Circular Economy with Author, Peter Leyden
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Show Notes

Hello everyone and welcome back to CleanTechies the Podcast. This is episode 58.

If you are a climate tech founder with specific questions you'd like us to ask -- OR -- looking for capital and strategic partner introductions, please reach out to me via the Slack Channel or LinkedIn and we are glad to help in any way we can.  

This is a very special episode to me. Today we bring you a conversation with Peter Leyden who has spent his career figuring out the future. He started his career in journalism and went on to become, arguably, one of the most influential thinkers about the future of the world. 

In today's conversation, we cover a lot of things but focused generally on the future of CleanEnergy, how we know it has arrived, what the Circular Economy really is going to be (BioEngineering), and shifting consumer demand driven by the next generation. 

Peter has a lot of really fascinating points of view and I'm confident that you'll enjoy this conversation if you're someone who likes to think about the future and how it might be. 

Log of the Show:

  • Developing the mentality of future looking back
  • How we get stuck in day-to-day news rather than broad achievements 
  • Future of clean energy 
  • Critical Uncertainty
  • The innovation adoption curve
  • How industry shifts 
  • 5% of EV Sales 
  • Paradigm Shifts
  • Total Reinvention of the Vehicle Concept / Autonomous Vehicles 
  • Generational Shifts & Fundamental Technologies 
  • Subsidies - EVs in Particular
  • Cheap Energy to Solve Climate Change
  • Global Capital Shift and the US Signal 
  • Bio-Engineering Boom
  • EV Adoption Setting up Adoption of all ClimateTech
  • The Circular Economy 
  • Bio-Engineering Materials and Production of Goods
  • BioEngineered Bottles that biodegrade
  • The Ultimate Circular Economy; a World of Synthetic Biology 
  • Possible Public Blowback on Bio-Engineering Food
  • Old Technology Doesn't go Away 
  • Fusion Energy 
  • Energy Abundance 
  • Shifting Consumer Demand 
  • Corporates Chasing GenZ and Millenial Demand 
  • Vision for America and Politics 
  • History Makes Sense but The Present Isn't as Clear
  • California: the Future Version of America & Gavin Newsom 
  • North Star is the No Carbon Economy 
  • Role of Government 
  • Space Travel 
  • Wrap up

We hope you enjoy today's episode - please reach out with any specific questions or discussion points. If you're interested in being a show sponsor you can reach me at

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