CleanTechies Podcast

#78 How CorporateVCs are Playing a role in the Climate Revolution w/ Erik Terjesen (Silicon Foundry)

January 17, 2023 Silas Mähner - Renewables, ClimateTech, & ESG Headhunter Season 1 Episode 78
CleanTechies Podcast
#78 How CorporateVCs are Playing a role in the Climate Revolution w/ Erik Terjesen (Silicon Foundry)
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Show Notes

Hello everyone and welcome back to the CleanTechies Podcast where we interview ClimateTech Founders and VCs to discuss their advice, experience, and all things Building and Climate Investing. 

In today's conversation, we speak with Erik Terjesen a Partner at Silicon Foundry. What is Silicon Foundry? With a name like that you know it's cool. In essence, they are a consulting service that works with Corporate VCs to help them find strategic investment opportunities. So, their clients are corporates. Big places like Walmart, BP, or Shell could be examples. 

Some of my favorite topics from today's episode are, 

  • Where the supply chain gaps are in the ClimateTech space 
  • He spoke about how they maintain collaboration through systems 
  • And he also offered some advice to startups in the space since he sees a lot of pitches and knows a lot of the mistakes startups are making 
  • There was also a section where he broke down the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act - commonly referred to as the IRA 

Alright, enjoy the conversation with Erik...


  • 5:25 what led Erik to Climate
  • 9:04 - how corporate VCs operate
  • 12:54 - what they do at Silicon Foundry
  • 17:16- the process for their clients
  • 41:11 - IRA breakdown
  • 44:50 - Where supply chain gaps are
  • 48:31 - Advice for startups 



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