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Up-skilling Talent to be ESG-Aligned and AI Talent Prediction w/ Joe Bushnell (Azollo)

February 28, 2023 Silas Mähner - Renewables, ClimateTech, & ESG Headhunter Season 1 Episode 86
CleanTechies Podcast
Up-skilling Talent to be ESG-Aligned and AI Talent Prediction w/ Joe Bushnell (Azollo)
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Show Notes

Today we spoke with Joe Bushnell. I had met Joe before he launched Azollo so it is a pretty cool guest to have on since I got to hear where he was at prior to launch. 

From Australia, he developed a certain attachment to the issue of climate change at a young age when wildfires destroyed his town and burned his school growing up. He went on to study sustainability in Uni. He then went into consulting and finance winding his way back to sustainable finance. Eventually, desiring to pursue a deeper connection directly to the space, he started his own company. 

In today's conversation, we talk about this journey and how he ended up founding Azollo to help corporates transition and up-skill their workforces. This is vital for corporates to achieve the sustainability targets they have set. It's a really interesting challenge. 

We also talked about his advice to other aspiring founders thinking of jumping ship. And then ended on the topic of mentoring and how much tech will be able to revolutionize the talent space. We also discussed where we think the boundaries of tech are. 

Overall, a great episode so let's get into it! 


  • 4:00 Intro
  • 8:14 ROI
  • 12:56 Why he started the company
  • 16:23 Advice to others jumping ship
  • 21:54 Winding journey to climate
  • 24:34 Industries struggling to find talent
  • 28:53  How tech can enable change
  • 31:16 Biggest objections
  • 33:06 The Jobs are not clear
  • 34:39 Foundations of educating workforce - the basics
  • 36:02  Diagnostics & workforce engagement
  • 37:43  AI & Changing employee workforce
  • 41:23 Mentorship & the workforce
  • 47:06  Raising Money
  • 51:16 Two Trends
  • 54:44 His "Obvious Predictions" 



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