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#153 The Most Valuable Data in ClimateTech, Confusing AI with Efficiency, the Power of Tea, & More w/ Peter Sun (Climactic)

February 05, 2024 Silas MΓ€hner (CT Headhunter) & Somil Aggarwal (CT PM & Investor) Season 1 Episode 153
CleanTechies Podcast
#153 The Most Valuable Data in ClimateTech, Confusing AI with Efficiency, the Power of Tea, & More w/ Peter Sun (Climactic)
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Show Notes

In this ep, we chat with Peter Sun, founding team at Climactic, an early stage fund investing in ClimateTech, specifically focused on efficiency in software which has a lot to do with, you guessed it, AI.

We dive into the nuances of how AI is impacting climate tech, where the opportunities for software are in decarbonization, and Peter’s journey joining the founding team. As someone who personally is wary of putting AI in every conversation, Peter had real insight into the ins-and-outs of whats real and whats not, and I really enjoyed learning from him.

As always, thanks so much for listening and enjoy the episode!

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02:16 Overview of Climatic
**05:05 Applications of AI in Climate Companies
**09:30 The story of WeaveGrid
**11:58 Evaluating Companies for Automation and Efficiency
**16:50 Challenges in Implementing Transmission Lines
**19:20 The Value of Data in Climate Tech
**23:43 Starting a Climate VC Fund
**27:03 Climate VC vs. Impact VC
**30:12 The Difficulties for Founders in Climate Tech
**34:35 Starting a Fund in the Current Fundraising Environment
**52:45 Exit Strategies in Climate VC
**54:00 Competitiveness in Climate Investing
**56:00 The Blend of VC and Real Asset Industries
**58:29 The Rise of Hyper Specialist VCs
**01:00:20 Building a Personal Brand
**01:04:28 Habits for Success

Peter Sun | Climactic
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