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How to build an MVP with a complex ClimateTech Startup - Andy Frank, Founder of Sealed

May 03, 2023 Silas Mรคhner - Renewables, ClimateTech, & ESG Headhunter Season 1 Episode 98
CleanTechies Podcast
How to build an MVP with a complex ClimateTech Startup - Andy Frank, Founder of Sealed
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Show Notes

Today we have a really energetic (no pun intended) conversation with Andy Frank, the founder of Sealed.

They are an energy efficiency company that pays for home infrastructure upgrades and then gets paid back over time by their customer. The more efficiency they produce, the more they make which creates a great incentive structure.

We discussed a lot but the best part for me was going through how he built the company from an idea, to an MVP, and eventually to a very robust and successful business.

The most impactful advice he shared was about speaking with your customers to understand what they need and what they will buy. There is a lot of other advice in there, but that was the most impactful thing on their success.

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(2:03) Andy's Climate Journey
(7:12) Early Career & Finding his clarity of Purpose
(12:15) The initial seed of Sealed
(16:27) What Sealed Does
(29:28) Raising money initially
(33:49) Real proof & the Business taking off
(44:37) Getting the real funding
(46:47) Fundraising from different people
(49:28) Future view
(54:45) IRA Homes Program
(59:17) Talent

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