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From Harvard, to D.E. Shaw, to Obama Administration, to Refrigeration w/ Manik Suri (Therma)

May 28, 2023 Silas Mรคhner - ClimateTech & ESG Headhunter Season 1 Episode 102
CleanTechies Podcast
From Harvard, to D.E. Shaw, to Obama Administration, to Refrigeration w/ Manik Suri (Therma)
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Show Notes

In this episode, Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) speaks with Manik Suri (@ManikVSuri) the Founder and CEO of Therma, an IoT device + software company that helps any organization using refrigeration to reduce cap ex and as a by-product, reduce the dirty energy assets on the grid.

We cover his background, the problem, and the solution they are working on, and then go through building the business with a heavy focus on the work of raising money. Manik has a really interesting background having been a top achiever academically, going on to PE, and then government prior to launching Therma.

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**1:20 Intro and Origin of Interest in Climate
**4:02 The Problem
**7:22 Electricity bill
**11:38 The Solution
**13:52 Cost and ROI
**16:13 The Origin of the Idea
**24:07 How his work in PE and Gov Influenced him
**27:55 Carbon Abatement
**31:13 Advice for Raising Capital
**41:11 VC Issues & Thoughts on the Macro Environment
**44:19 Discussion on VC Investing broadly
**48:31 The Future

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